quilt as you go hexagon tutorial


Cereal box
Paper scissors
X-acto knife
Fabric scissors or rotary cutter & mat
Sewing machine
Clips or pins
Printed out hexagon shape or hexagon tracing tool
Clear ruler with 0.5” markings
Pencil or pen (marking tool)
Fabric (I use scraps)
Batting (I use leftover batting scraps from other projects)


Cut out your printed hexagon or trace hexagon to printer paper then cut out. I’m using a cardboard hexagon I had on hand instead of printer paper.
Cut out a large panel of your cereal box.
Trace the paper hexagon to center of cereal box.


hex4 copy


Use your marking tool to trace 0.5” around each side of hexagon.
Next, trace 0.5″ around your previous 0.5” markings.  Now that I think about it, you can just trace 1″ from center if you desire~
Cut out your hexagon along the lines you just traced.


Using the X-acto knife cut out the center hexagon.  This piece will be your template for cutting out your center fabrics and batting pieces.   The larger hexagon piece will a template for your border/back piece of fabric.
Using center template, cut your center fabric and batting.
Using larger hexagon template, cut  your back/border fabric.




Lay the larger hexagon wrong side up and put your large template over it.  Then lay your cut out batting and fabric pieces right side up in center (this helps me find the center of the hexagon.  Now, simply remove the larger template.
Get your clips/pins ready.






Fold one side of your large hexagon 0.5” (or to raw edge) towards the smaller one.
Then fold again so that your second fold covers the smaller hexagon, creating a 0.5” border.  Clip or pin in place.
Continue this around your hexagon until all sides are folded and clipped.


Take the hexagon piece to your machine and stitch through the border as close to the center hexagon as you can.  Back stitch at the end.
Trim threads and you are done!



I used a zig-zag stitch  to join together, however, on my  next project I am going to hand stitch them together.  I think it will create a cleaner look!  Hope you enjoy!

-Susannah Kate

13 thoughts on “quilt as you go hexagon tutorial

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  2. Mindi

    Om gosh I’m so doing this for my identical mother daughter quilts! It’s for a mom with cancer and her daughter goes with her to treatments she beat breastfeeding cancer now she is trying to beat liver cancer and this will be a great patern for all the floral fabric they wanted! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Gailete

    Good tutorial. I’ve been especially trying to figure out how to make the hexies with embroidered fabric, especially vintage fabric that can be lightweight at times. Doing them this way will quilt and stabilize all at once.

  5. Sue Jackson

    Hi, Susannah, I love your “quilt as you go-hexie” tutorial. I’m giving a hexie demo at our local quilt show in March, 2015. Can I include a link to your tutorial on hand-outs for the demo?
    Thanks, Sue J.


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